It’s time we as women redefine what it means to be “sexy”. I used to think the only way I would ever be sexy was if I lost weight, had a “perfect” body and looked like a model. I know I am not alone in thinking this way either. Women all over want to feel sexy but don’t because they don’t believe their body fits the description. I want to challenge everything we’ve been taught about what sexy is. I think it’s more than looks. It’s a feeling. An attitude. An energy. It’s a way of life. I’m going to redefine it even more in a series of videos and blog posts that I hope you’ll tune in to.

First on the list is right here: Sexy is taking imperfect action. I’m an action taker. A doer. I’ve learned you should never wait to take action. Just start. Even if you’re not sure if it’s right. Even if in the moment you do think it’s right. Start somewhere. Don’t wait for things to be “perfect”. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out because who really does? Take imperfect action. Allow yourself to evolve. 

I’ve changed and evolved so many times throughout my own personal journey and what I’ve learned is that every part of the journey serves a purpose in your life as long as you let it.The twists the turns the highs the lows, it all has meaning. And without the journey there is no destination. The journey is what it’s truly all about. 

I’ve never gotten lost on my journey, despite feeling that way at times. I’ve tried things, they haven’t worked but I’ve always kept going. Taking another turn, going a different route, exploring. Never letting my journey end and never looking back.  Always learning from the things that haven’t worked and then moving on to something new.  There is no final destination for your dreams and goals. Just stops along the way. Some stops are wins, propelling you to the next leg of your journey. Some stops make you re-evaluate reflect and redirect. And as long as you trust in your own journey and trust yourself you’ll always end up on the right path for YOUR life. As long as you’re not afraid to take imperfect action along the way.

That being said, I’ve hit a stop in my own journey that I believe is a turning point. A point that is propelling me forward on my life’s path. At 8 months pregnant with my second child, I have embraced that I am in fact sexy. Not just my body but ME.

If someone asked me to describe myself I never in a million years would have used the word sexy. It wasn’t in my vocabulary. And that’s because I never defined it for myself.

I spent most of my teen years and 20s wanting to fit some mold of sexy that I thought would make me happy.  My focus was on wanting to change my looks to be thinner, prettier, and more attractive to others. I hated my body and treated it that way. I was always looking for the magic diet or magic pill that would make me lose a bunch of weight so I would be sexy. I wanted men to want me and I thought that meant I had to look like an airbrushed model or I wouldn’t be worthy. 

I worked out at the gym thinking I had to even though I hated it. Anything to get a tiny waist, flat stomach, good butt and cellulite free thighs. All the things I thought sexy was and thought that I wanted yet never had. I was never quite sure of where I fit in or who I wanted to be. I couldn’t get out of the rut of low self-esteem and allowing a superficial society dictate how I felt about myself.  

My new definition of sexy is a lot different. Sexy is not about looks at all. It’s not about the number on the scale or size of my jeans. Sexy is a feeling. Sexy is an attitude. It’s a way of life. It’s an energy. Sexy is taking imperfect action and starting your journey no matter what the goal or dream that you have is.  

It’s my goal and my mission to empower women to find their sexy. To ditch the diets, body shame and preconceived notion of what sexy is, to discover what sexy means to them. I want to help women shed the emotional and physical baggage to discover their sexy and unleash their true potential. What woman doesn’t want to feel sexy? How many women struggle to feel sexy because they think it means they need to look a certain way? It’s time to redefine what sexy means to you. How would your life look if you woke up feeling sexy from the inside out? How would you take care of yourself and your body if you felt sexy?

I’d love to hear what you come up with! Connect with me on FB and let me know! You’ll also be able to follow my entire “Sexy is…” series by joining me on FB and catching all the LIVE videos I’ll be posting. I’ve got a long list of what sexy is to me and I can’t wait to share.

You can also check out the LIVE video I did bearing, my soul and declaring my sexiness by Clicking Here!

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