Motherhood is one wild ride that no one can truly prepare you for. And everyday it’s something new. Just when you think you’ve got it down, your child goes and changes it all up on you. That’s how I felt entering the toddler years. People are always talking about the “terrible 2’s”. When my daughter was 2 I kept wondering what everyone was talking about. I didn’t see anything terrible about it. She was so much fun. I would always say “You’ll never hear me say terrible 2’s”.

Then she turned 3. Well actually, a little before she turned 3 I started to see what people were talking about. Still trying to avoid using the word “terrible” to describe her, I found myself struggling to keep my patience and sunny outlook on parenting a small child.

The term “threenager” describes a 3 year old perfectly. They think they’re grown and don’t need you but at 3 they obviously still do. Independent to a fault. My daughter has an opinion and knows how to express it. She knows what she wants and doesn’t want and has no problem letting you know. Her emotions are bigger than her body can handle. And she’s more stubborn than I ever thought possible.

But that’s 3. And while all of these traits can make my life a little more difficult now, I know they will serve her well in the future. So it’s my job not to put out her fire or silence her feisty voice. Parenting isn’t all fun and games and navigating through the different ages and phases is not for the faint of heart.

With intention and awareness we can make our jobs a little bit easier. When your kids are pushing your buttons and you find yourself losing your patience the best thing to do is pause. Pause and identify the feelings that are coming up for you. Acknowledge those feelings and why they’re there before attempting to move forward in your day. Think about how you want to feel so you can move forward with your day in that frame of mind.

Don’t let a rough morning with the kids derail your entire day. And don’t for one second think you are a bad mom if you reacted to your kids in a way you may not be proud of. We’re all only human and it happens. The important thing is how you move forward from it. To do that in a productive way, you have to pause. Reframe your thoughts and the situation and think about how you want to feel the rest of the day. Take a few deep breaths, tune the kids out, and re-center yourself.

Patience is key in surviving motherhood and even when you feel it wearing thin, you can bring yourself back by taking 5 minutes to pause and re-group. Take those deep breaths and move forward with love and compassion for yourself. You’re doing great mama.

Check out my relaxing guided meditation here to take your patience to another level. It’ll leave you feeling nourished and refreshed and ready to take on all of the challenges of motherhood!

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